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As the creator and editor of The Giving Athlete I have taken on the responsibility to inform the public (to the best of my ability) of the many positive “works”athletes are involved with in the community. I also have the opportunity to work with these various athletes and their charitable causes. Recently while covering Jon Beason’s first ever charity fundraising event I was presented with the opportunity to try an new form of therapy called, Ice Cryotherapy.

“ICE Cryotherapy provides recovery services for athletes, active adults, as well as aesthetic and health & wellness benefits to the general public. Cryotherapy is endorsed by many doctors, professional athletes, teams, trainers, Dr. Oz, The Doctors TV Show & ESPN. ICE Cryotherapy provides a natural, safe, non‐invasive therapeutic program to aid in athletic performance, recovery, pain and inflammation reduction, health & wellness by promoting and stimulating the body’s natural healing process.”

Ice Cryotherapy is now available in South Florida. This past Saturday I had the opportunity to step into a Cryosauna for treatment.

The treatment lasts 3 minutes and is done in 3 separate bursts. It is a simple process, cold but not unbearable. You step into the Cryosauna in with simply your socks and your briefs, and place your hands out (or in some cases you can wear gloves). Any exposed phalanges are susceptible to frostbite.

Not knowing what to expect, after one treatment my knees (a joint that I’ve long had issues with) felt a whole lot better. Thus, it is a treatment I would recommend to not just athletes, but any active individual.

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