Johnson 19 Thousand Dollar Shopping Spree

This story is a great story! Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson took 12 kids on a Toys “R” Us shopping spree. The children were selected by Child Protective Services. As for the shopping spree, each child had a total of 80 seconds to fill up their cart with as many toys as possible, we’re pretty sure these kids had no problem doing that at all. Andre Johnson’s foundation funded the shopping spree. The total bill was about 19 thousand dollars. Andre Johnson posed for a picture that was tweeted out and shared on social networking sites.

Johnson along with his foundation are heavily involved in both the Houston and Miami communities. According to Johnson, he says out of all the events that he and his foundation are involved with, this is his favorite. One could definitely understand why this type of event would be a favorite. Just imagine the look on a kid’s face if you were to say to them, go grab anything and everything you want in the store, fill up that cart! This is definitely one of our favorite stories!

Fore more information on the Andre Johnson Foundation

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