Melo Helps Out With Sandy Relief

  Knicks star Carmelo Anthony went back to his hometown neighborhood Thursday morning to help out with the relief effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Born and raised in Brooklyn’s Red Hook projects, Melo has always felt a connection to the place where he grew up. On Thursday, Carmelo handed out 500 boxes filled with food and housing supplies to those in need in the area. Red Hook was one of the worst hit areas after Hurricane Sandy. Hundreds of the town’s residents are still without power or food. Carmelo said he felt like it was a “no-brainer” for him to aid in the relief effort. “It hit us pretty bad, so I feel like I’m the face of Red Hook and I wanted to come back and give back to the place I grew up,” he said to ESPN reporters after his charity event.

  Working with several charities, including his own, Melo gave out food and supplies to people living in the Red Hook area on Columbia Avenue. Carmelo founded the Carmelo Anthony Foundation in 2005 as a way of providing better opportunities to underprivileged children in low-income areas. The organization focuses on education, recreation & community outreach. It is based in Los Angeles, and does charity work all over the country, notably the greater Baltimore and New York areas. Melo moved to Baltimore at the age of eight, but his close connection with NYC will always remain.

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  1. Jeremy
    November 17, 2012 at 6:02 am

    Stuff like this people never really hear. Good stuff!

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