Hanktime With The Kids!

Former Cane and current Washington Redskins wide receiver Leonard Hankerson took some time out to read to the kids in the Virginia, D.C. area on Friday. According to his twitter account, Hankerson says he teamed up with Macy’s Metro Center in a campaign working to get kids to “Be Book Smart.” The goal is to help provide 1 million books to kids this summer. Hankerson is a father of 2, and he says this was a very enjoyable experience for him. He sent us this photo above. Hankerson was kind enough to spend some time with us for a brief interview.


Q: How did you get involved with this particular program?

A: Reading to the kids is a special program that Macy’s does every summer.  I wanted to get involved and help out in the community. It was actually set up through the Redskins community service program and it was something that interested me.

Q: How often do you do this or have done this?

A: I’ve read to kids a couple times in the past year since I’ve been with the Redskins. I’ve done this at Macy’s, and at a couple of the local schools I visited.  We all try to get involved in the community as much as we can hoping to leave a mark, make an impact on a kid’s life since we understand that they look up to us each and everyday

Q: What are some of the books you’ve read to the kids?

A: Wild About Books is the one I read at Macy’s, and another book was a cartoon book about the history of the Redskins. Those are the two I can remember. I read plenty of other books the past couple months since I’ve been involved with this program, so the list goes on and on. . .

Q: Did you have a favorite book that you read growing up?

A: I was into sports books growing up. I read about the lives and careers of Michael Jordan and Grant Hill, etc. Back then, I really didn’t like to read, I didn’t know the importance of reading as I do now, and that is why I am involved with this program. I want to make sure that these kids don’t make the same mistake I made and understand the importance of reading as much they can.

Q: Would Leonard Hankerson consider himself to be a big kid?

A: Of course! ! I believe that it’s the only way people can make it through life sometimes. Going back to the things you did as a kid, reminiscing your childhood, remembering how much fun you had helps out a lot. As an adult, everyone expects you to be serious all the time, you have to live your life sometimes.

Q: What books do you read to your kids? What are some of their favorite bed time stories ?

A: My kids like all different types of books, cartoon books (Dora The Explorer, Barnyard), the Redskins Media guide, a book called The Dot, they’re into them all!

Q: Last question, don’t know if you coined this term already, but how do you like the title “HankTime with the Kids.”

A: LOL! I like that one. . . Nice lil catch there!

Thanks to Leonard for spending some time with us here at www.thegivingathlete.com


If you want to know more about Mr. Hankerson, check out his website http://leonardhankerson85.com/.

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  1. Marcus
    July 12, 2012 at 8:22 am

    This is a pretty cool site. Came here to read about DJ Irie and decided to check this story out. Nice job! We miss him down at “The U!”

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