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I want to thank YOU for your continued support for visiting my site here at It is with your support that I am able to continue with this wonderful idea I created that has become a true passion of mine. I would like to thank Jemmy Jasmin, Max Jean-Gilles, E.J. Biggers, Willis McGahee, Natasha Hastings, Horace Copeland, Shane Battier, Anthony Gaitor, Chris Herren, Jason Jackson and the many others who have been so helpful and receptive to my idea.  Looking forward to work with more of you in the future, continuing to do positive things here at   


Remember, to find out what your favorite athlete is doing within the community and how you can help check here at You to can get involved! !



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Is an associate sports producer at WSVN Channel 7 and Waxy 790AM SportsTalk 790 The Ticket in Miami, FL.

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