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There is some good news for some NBA fans, at least for fans in the city of “brotherly love.”  The Philadelphia 76ers have announced that they are lowering ticket prices by almost 50 percent! A group led by financier Joshua Harris completed the purchase of the Sixers after league (NBA) approval on Tuesday.

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This new ownership group includes rapper/actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. They are working hard to bring back and keep their fans during these tough economic times. What better way to do so by slashing ticket prices! The timing is perfect. The country is currently in a recession and the NBA is currently “locked out!”  As I write this post, the NBA is currently in it’s 15th hour [and counting] of labor negotiations.

This is definitely a great way to win back fans by taking advantage of the current economic situation that is plauging our country. This also helps to deflect attention off of the issue of  “billionaires [owners] versus millionaires [the players]” which is something that is very hard for the average fan to grasp when reading and hearing about the numbers that are being “thrown about” in these negotiations.  

This new ownership group is essentially “giving back” to their fans by making their tickets more affordable, allowing fans to make some disposable income available to enjoy family entertainment even if it is just for 2 to 3 hours a week. Check out the following links for complete details on the price slashing and the new Sixers ownership group.






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